Elementor vs Divi vs SeedProd (Compared) – Which is the Best?

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Are you looking for a website builder for your WordPress site but not sure whether to choose Elementor, Divi, or SeedProd?

With the right website builder, you can easily customize your site and build landing pages that help increase conversions and grow your email list.

In this article, we’ll compare Elementor vs Divi vs SeedProd and show you which is the best WordPress website builder.

That said, let’s compare these WordPress page builders to see which one is the best. We’ve broken down our comparison into the following sections:

Note: For our comparison, we used the premium versions of all the plugins, so you get to see all of the features and integrations they have to offer.

Let’s see how these 3 builders stack up for ease of use.

Elementor – Ease of Use

Elementor offers a drag and drop theme and landing page builder. It provides different elements in a menu on your left, so you can quickly drag and drop them onto your template.

You can also enable a responsive mode, which lets you switch from a desktop view to a tablet or mobile view. This helps in editing your theme for different devices.

The builder can be overwhelming for beginners at first. There are a lot of elements to choose from and clicking on any element on the template opens several more options for customization.

However, once you get the hang of it, Elementor’s website builder is easy to use.

The only downside we found was that there is no quick way to undo or redo the changes you made to the page, except for going through the revision history and reverting your changes. This can be frustrating and time-consuming when customizing landing pages or themes.

Divi – Ease of Use

Unlike Elementor or SeedProd, you don’t get a menu containing different elements like text, images, videos, or buttons to add to the template.

Instead, Divi lets you select the layout of the section you want to add, and then allows you to choose the element you’d like to add.

SeedProd – Ease of Use

SeedProd’s drag and drop website builder is very easy to use as well. It is a theme-agnostic plugin that lets you create your designs from scratch, without being limited by your theme’s design.

You can add different elements from the menu on your left by dragging and dropping them onto the template.

Using SeedProd’s theme builder, customizing the way your site looks is effortless. It’s made for non-techy users and ensures that anyone can customize their site without editing code.

You can also see the revision history and revert previous changes with a click of a button. There’s also a draft mode, which lets you edit a page privately without revealing it is under construction.

The builder is also quick and designed with speed in mind. It doesn’t bloat or slow down your website.

Winner – SeedProd

All 3 plugins offer a no-code drag and drop website builder for WordPress and are quite easy to use. Each website builder is made with beginners in mind and they make it super simple to create stunning website themes and landing pages.

However, SeedProd’s easy revision history makes it the winner in this category.

Another important factor to look for when selecting a website or landing page builder is the level of customization that’s possible.

It’s important to choose a tool that gives you full control over the appearance of your themes and pages.

Here’s a look at the customization features offered by Elementor, Divi, and SeedProd.

Elementor – Customization Features

Elementor offers over 300 designer-made templates. Simply pick a template, add your content, edit its style, and make it your own. Using Elementor, you can control every aspect of your site’s appearance.

Divi – Customization Features

Divi offers over 100 pre-made website themes and over 800 pre-made landing page layouts.

You have full control over how each element looks. You can change the fonts, text color, border options, add hover styling, use filters and effects to enhance the appearance of any element, or use custom CSS to edit any element.

SeedProd – Customization Features

SeedProd offers over 20 different website theme templates and 150+ landing page templates. You can also choose from over 20 built-in color schemes or create your own from scratch.

Each website theme template is packaged with templates for multiple pages and sections, like the homepage, a single blog post, header, and footer.

However, what makes SeedProd different from Divi and Elementor is that it doesn’t rely on your WordPress theme for styling or functioning. It works independently from WordPress themes gives you complete control and freedom over the appearance and design of your theme.

Winner – Tie

Whether your choose Elementor, Divi, or SeedProd, each WordPress website builder offers a great range of customization options. You get to choose from multiple themes and landing page templates.

Plus, you can select any element on the template and further edit its style, color, and appearance. They also allow advanced customization options through custom CSS and custom code snippets.

A slow-loading website can lead to a poor user experience, which means people might leave your site before interacting with your landing pages. Similarly, Google now uses page speed as a ranking factor and ranks sites higher in search results that load quickly.

Let’s see how each of these website builders performs.

Elementor – Performance

When we tested our landing page created using Elementor, the PageSpeed Insights tool showed an overall score of 90 for mobile. This is a great score and shows your site won’t slow down while using the builder.

Divi – Performance

The score obtained using Divi’s drag and drop builder was also excellent. A 91 score means your website loads quickly, and you don’t have to worry about page load times when using Divi.

SeedProd – Performance

SeedProd’s page speed tests were slightly better than both Elementor and Divi. With a score of 93 on mobile, you can expect fast performance and no delays in load time when using SeedProd to design your website and landing pages.

Winner – SeedProd

It helps you avoid bloated code which generally leads to faster speed and page load time.

Let’s see which tools and plugins are supported by Elementor, Divi, and SeedProd.

Elementor – Integrations

One thing we noticed was that it’s not immediately clear how to connect our preferred email marketing service with Elementor.

To choose an integration with Elementor, you’ll first need to enter the API key for your preferred service in Elementor plugin settings.

Once that’s done, you can go to the drag and drop builder and add a signup form in your WordPress theme or landing page template. It’s only then you’ll be able to select your email service in the ‘Actions After Submit’ dropdown menu.

Divi – Integrations

Divi offers limited integration options compared to the other two WordPress websites and landing page builders.

It easily integrates with WooCommerce and offers different modules like add-to-cart buttons, cart notice, product ratings, and more. You can use these modules to create a WooCommerce store in WordPress.

SeedProd – Integrations

SeedProd also offers a wide range of integrations with premium third-party tools and WordPress plugins.

For instance, you can connect it with Drip, Constant Contact, and other email marketing tools to collect and manage email subscribers.

What makes SeedProd different from Elementor and Divi is that it lets you connect email marketing services within the theme or landing page builder. There’s no need to exit the drag and drop builder to enter the API key and connect your email marketing service.

Winner – SeedProd

When it comes to integrations, it’s a close fight between Elementor and SeedProd. Both tools offer a lot of third-party tools and WordPress plugins for integration.

That said, SeedProd is our winner because the process of integrating email marketing services and third-party tools is much easier and faster than Elementor.

You don’t have to exit the theme or landing page builder to enter API keys. It shows different email marketing services under a separate tab inside the website builder, which removes the need to perform additional steps to integrate each service.

At times, you could get stuck or need help while using a WordPress website builder.

Here’s how Elementor, Divi, and SeedProd stack up when offering support to users.

Elementor – Customer Support

Elementor offers multiple options for users who need help or need to contact customer support. They have a detailed and well-organized help center where you’ll find documentation on different topics.

For example, you can see steps for installation, how to create a new page, learn more about its features, how to use different widgets, and more.

If you’re an Elementor Pro user, then you get 24/7 premium support. Simply submit a support ticket, and a support representative will respond to your query.

Divi – Customer Support

Divi offers customer support through detailed documentation, including written steps and video tutorials. It also provides a community forum where you can interact with other users.

SeedProd – Customer Support

The plugin also offers support through a ticketing system. You can open a ticket, and a team of WordPress experts will help you out.

Winner – Tie

All 3 WordPress website builders offer great customer support options. Elementor has lots of documentation, videos, courses, and more. Divi lets you chat with their support staff through live chat. While SeedProd offers detailed documentation, and premium ticket support.

Another important factor you should consider when selecting a WordPress website builder is its pricing. Let’s look at the pricing plans offered by Elementor, Divi, and SeedProd.

Elementor – Pricing Plans

There is also a Studio plan for $499 per year that lets you activate 100 websites and an Agency plan for $999 per year that offers 1000 website activations.

Elementor also offers a free version that you can use before subscribing to a premium plan.

Divi – Pricing Plans

SeedProd – Pricing Plans

However, if you want to use the Theme builder, then you’ll need the Pro plan for $159.60 per year or the Elite plan for $239.60. With each plan, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Winner – SeedProd

SeedProd offers affordable pricing plans compared to Elementor and Divi. Plus, you get more features and integrations with SeedProd, making it excellent value for money.

Elementor, Divi, and SeedProd are among the best WordPress website and landing builders in the market, so comparing them will always be close.

It’s super easy to use, offers an exceptional user experience, and gives your more control over the customization of your themes and pages. With SeedProd, you also get great integration options, responsive designs, and fast performance.

Often users ask us what about the default WordPress block editor, and how does it compare with these WordPress page builder plugins. There has been a lot of promising progress being made with front-site editing with the WordPress block editor, but it’s not yet powerful enough to compete with these popular page builders.


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