The 15 best free mobile responsive WordPress themes in 2022

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If you’re giving so much of your time and effort to building a website, why not make it accessible for your visitors to view it, irrespective of their device and screen size? Why not create a website that’s mobile friendly?

That’s what the article is all about. We are going to share what we consider to be the best mobile friendly WordPress theme to help you build a responsive website.

By the end of the article, you will know what mobile responsiveness is, why it is necessary to create a mobile friendly website, and what to look for in mobile responsive WordPress themes.

We’ll also share 15 examples of free themes you can use for your own website.

Mobile responsiveness in a website refers to whether the site is optimized to be functional and pleasing on devices of different sizes.

In the past, web developers designed websites with a fixed width for desktops. But people started browsing websites with different screen sizes and fixed screen sizes were no longer ideal.

A mobile responsive website has a layout that adjusts to the screen size of any device. All the structure, header, images and content on a website change automatically, fitting the screen being used.

The elements on the page of these sites are flexible, and unnecessary details are hidden to provide a better browsing experience to users.

Let’s view the underlying reasons to create a mobile friendly website.

Mobile browsing has grown more common since the increase in sales of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Around 55% of the worldwide online visits come from mobile, 43% from desktop, and 2% from tablet.

The reason for the increase is that mobile devices are portable and can be carried around conveniently, while desktops require you to be seated in place and browse.

Convenience always wins, which is why we’re seeing the increase.

As mobile devices become more sophisticated, audiences are shifting towards reading on a small screen.

A mobile responsive website makes it simple for visitors to browse a website on any device.

As the number of mobile users browsing websites has increased, search engines, including Google, now prioritize mobile-friendly websites.

You can run a quick test to see if your website is mobile responsive or not.

Google identifies if a website is mobile-friendly or not and favors it in search results. And it’s not just limited to Google and other search engines too.

So, if your website is fully responsive and uses mobile-first design, you’ll rank higher than a website that isn’t.

Since mobile users are increasing rapidly, having a mobile responsive website makes your site easily accessible. They can open your website from any device and enjoy viewing the content.

The key here is convenience. The easier it is for someone to visit your website and achieve their goal, the more likely they are to do it.

People want instant satisfaction, from anywhere, at any time. Responsive websites help deliver that satisfaction.

Creating a mobile-friendly website ensures that visitors have a seamless experience irrespective of the device and screen size.

Users do not expect to have a second class experience just because they use a mobile or small screen.

If users can achieve their aim on a phone, you’re providing a good user experience. If you don’t provide that, users will quickly find a website that does!

Mobile friendly WordPress themes offer good readability and accessibility, fast loading images, a proper layout system, easy navigation, and excellent user experience irrespective of the device and screen size.

The theme automatically adjusts itself to the user’s screen making your site appear correctly on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Responsiveness being a key consideration, there are a few other components to consider when looking for a mobile responsive WordPress theme.

It is necessary to ensure that the theme you’re using is feature-rich and can easily be customized to add more content and updates over time.

Nobody enjoys a slow-loading website. Especially if you’re browsing from a mobile device!

This affects the user experience and increases the bounce rate reducing the conversion on the site.

Google and Facebook emphasize the importance of a fast-loading website.

Stats show that the bounce rate of a site increases by 40 to 50% for each additional 1 second increase in page load times.

That makes page speed a significant search engine ranking factor.

Your website will likely require forms, a page builder, optin plugin, and other conversion-focused plugins to add new features.

It is advisable to experiment with responsive themes that are not only customizable, but also compatible with the plugins you use.

The more active installations a WordPress theme has, the more popular it is. There’s usually a good reason for that popularity.

Mobile responsiveness is a significant factor for a website, and all themes in this post deliver great mobile-friendly functionality.

Even though this is a post about free mobile responsive themes, we’ll mention if there’s a premium version, just in case you want to try it.

The theme is easy to use and has been designed to be accessible to those new to WordPress and those with more experience.

Astra is known for being fast loading and ideal for SEO. The theme itself and all the templates are fully mobile responsive and adapt beautifully on different screen sizes, making your site appear beautiful on desktops, mobiles, tablets, and any device.

Pros of Astra:

Cons of Astra:

Astra has a free and a premium version starting from $49 per year.

The theme’s design is simple but effective with the correct balance of content, color, white space, images, and layouts. It appears equally great on your mobile device. It is a competent theme with a multipurpose template that fits the needs of most websites.

Pros of Hestia:

Cons of Hestia:

Hestia is a free theme. It also offers a premium version Hestia Pro starting from $69 per year.

OceanWP is a business-oriented responsive theme offering a header image, service blocks, and a series of content elements to present yourself and your business.

The theme offers an attractive, modern, and professional template that is fast, translation ready, and optimized for SEO. OceanWP provides excellent value and can be the ideal option if you enjoy modern designs.

Pros of OceanWP:

Cons of OceanWP:

OceanWP offers both free and premium versions with the premium ones available for $49.

OnePress is a responsive one page WordPress theme designed with business in mind. It is a free theme with a calm design and great use of white space and fonts. It offers a smooth header image and a wide range of page elements.

The theme is known for its ease of use. OnePress offers modern fonts with the alternative of white and gray backgrounds that work equally well. You can customize the whole website in a few seconds with easy drag and drop. The graphics and the animations in the theme add a little interest to the optional parallax element character.

Pros of OnePress:

Cons of OnePress:

OnePress offers free and a premium version starting from $99 per year.

Neve is a popular WordPress mobile friendly theme offering free and premium templates. The theme comes with vast options of demo templates covering the needs of every business. Each template makes excellent use of color, white space, and layouts to suit any business.

The theme is fully compatible with all the popular page builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi Builder, and others. Neve is also compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins too.

Pros of Neve:

Cons of Neve:

Neve offers a free and premium version costing $69 to $259, depending on your plan.

Sydney comes with its customizer to help you build the pages of your website with ease. It covers most niches’ needs and presents a high standard of designs with attractive aesthetics.

Pros of Sydney:

Cons of Sydney:

Sydney is a free theme. It also has a premium version – Sydney Pro costing $69 per year.

Ultra is a responsive WordPress theme that delivers everything you’re likely to need to build a beautiful website. The theme uses Themify Framework, offering drag and drop functionality and offers many design features and page elements.

Ultra is compatible with most WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce. It offers a wide range of demo designs that you can install with a single click. It provides a flexible customization option and allows you to do more than build a website, which is a nice bonus.

Pros of Ultra:

Cons of Ultra:

Ultra offers a free and premium version starting from $59 to $89 per year.

GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme that focuses on page speed and user experience. It is a mobile-friendly theme that follows WCAG 2.0 standards ensuring your website is accessible by all.

GeneratePress is optimized for SEO, making your site search engine friendly. The theme offers an extensive library of professionally designed templates and pages so you can build your whole website without touching a single line of code.

Pros of GeneratePress:

Cons of GeneratePress:

GeneratePress offers a free and premium version costing $59 per year and $249 for a lifetime license.

Foodica Lite is our favorite food blog theme. It is a mobile responsive WordPress theme with a nice appearance, modern handwritten fonts, and minimal layouts.

The theme offers a post slider, widgets, a sidebar, and a contact form. It offers an awesome responsive template with fast loading pages and delivers smooth performance. Foodica Lite offers white space, simple fonts, and borderless content areas with excellent images.

Pros of Foodica Lite:

Cons of Foodica Lite:

The theme has a free and a premium version costing $69 per year.

Deep is a multipurpose free WordPress theme with dozens of professional quality templates. It covers the needs of many business types and is fully responsive. It offers light, fluid pages and has a relaxed, inviting feel. The theme is also fast and loads quickly.

Deep includes all the elements you need in your modern website with the convenience of importing a demo in one click. It has 28 free templates and 45+ widgets to select from and supports both Elementor and WooCommerce.

Pros of Deep:

Cons of Deep:

Deep has a free and a premium version costing $59 per year.

Flash is a free responsive WordPress theme designed with business in mind. It offers header images and service blocks along with a great look. It uses color, font, and simple design to create a site that feels reassuring.

Flash comes with a selection of demo templates that are elegant, minimalistic, and impactful. It covers different niches with a keen eye for design and user experience.

Pros of Flash:

Cons of Flash:

Flash offers a free and premium version starting from $69 per year.

OnePage Lite offers several theme options. These options are neat and clean with the parallax effect, allowing you to use multiple backgrounds on your site. You can further include CSS3 animations. It consists of a floating menu, one-click install, Twitter-feed integration, and much more.

Pros of OnePage Lite:

Cons of OnePage Lite:

OnePage has a free and premium version starting from $49 per year.

Zakra is one of the best free mobile-friendly WordPress themes and is a beautiful theme with an elegant contrast color and gray background. The free version of Zakra uses an agency layout to deliver a solid, helpful template for a wide range of businesses and provides ten free demos.

The theme includes all the page elements required to build a responsive site. The theme has you covered throughout the site-building process with the series of professional demo sites, compatibility with most page builders, and comes with excellent support.

Pros of Zakra:

Cons of Zakra:

Zakra has a free and a premium version available for $69 per year.

Phlox is a popular responsive WordPress theme that offers a series of beautiful demos that can be installed with one click. It is compatible with most page builders enabling you to build a site simply using drag and drop.

You can start quickly by installing the demo and editing the content. The theme is fully customizable, allowing you to place your logo and adjust texts and photos to suit your website. The theme offers fast loading pages too, which is a bonus.

Pros of Phlox:

Cons of Phlox:

Phlox has a free and a premium version starting from $59 per year.

ColorMag is a responsive theme perfect for any publishing website. It is optimized for speed and offers 25+ pre-built starter templates that you can import with one click. It is fully compatible with leading page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and others.

The theme allows you to build a fast loading website in just a few steps. ColorMag includes the main headline block with the main story and supplementary stories. There are also various category sections with space for ads, colors, backgrounds and images.

Pros of ColorMag:

Cons of ColorMag:

The theme has a free and a premium version costing $69 per year.

What are your thoughts on this list of the best WordPress mobile responsive themes of 2022 so far?

We think the list consists of some superb themes covering every imaginable niche. While the designs are predominantly business layouts, they are flexible enough to be customized to fit just about any need you can think of.

Do you think we are missing out on any free mobile responsive WordPress themes on our list? Do you use any of these themes? Tell us about it below if you do!


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