6 Best WordPress Banner Plugins in 2022 (Compared)

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Are you looking for the best WordPress banner plugins?

Banner plugins make it easy to add high-converting banners to your WordPress website. You can then use them to promote your products, highlight your services, sell advertising placements, and more.

In this article, we will compare the best WordPress banner plugins to help you boost your website revenue.

Whether you want to show a banner announcements on your eCommerce store, use a simple banner to generate leads, or sell banner ads in a slider, a WordPress banner plugin lets you do it without writing any code.

Some WordPress banner plugins also have advanced targeting features, so you can show personalized messages to the right people at the right time.

They may also come with professionally-designed templates for your banners, and offer other design tools to help you customize them.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best banner plugins for WordPress for various industry use-cases.

OptinMonster lets you add all kinds of banners to your website, including floating banner bars like in the image below.

OptinMonster also has full support for popup banners. You can even level-up these banners with OptinMonster’s powerful exit-intent technology. This allows you to show a popup just as the user is about to leave your website.

Many website owners use these extent-intent popups to convince visitors to stay on the website by offering them exclusive discounts.

Popups are a great way to get the visitor’s attention, but they can also become intrusive. With that in mind, OptinMonster gives you the option to show your banners as slide-ins.

These are small popups that OptinMonster shows in the bottom-right corner of the screen as the visitor scrolls down. As you can see in the following image, slide-ins are a way to show content without interrupting whatever the visitor is currently doing on the website.

Gamified popups are a fun alternative to the traditional banner.

Even better, you can create all of these different banners within minutes by using OptinMonsters huge library of templates.

All of these templates are fully mobile responsive. This means your banner is guaranteed to look good on mobile devices, tablets, and full-sized desktop computers.

Simply choose a template from the OptinMonster setup wizard, and you’re ready to start creating your banner.

All of OptinMonster’s banner templates are easy to customize. Just open the built-in OptinMonster editor and start making changes using simple drag and drop. You can also remove content from the template and add new content with just a few clicks.

Let’s look at an example.

The OptinMonster editor will then update to show all the settings you can use to customize that field or button.

You can now go ahead and make your changes in the left-hand menu.

For example, you might type a new call to action into the ‘Button Text’ field.

Once you’re happy with your banner, you’ll want to show it in the right places, to the right people, and at the right time.

OptinMonster makes it easy to create advanced targeting rules.

This allows you to show personalized banners based on things like the page the visitor is on, their location, and even the device they are using. You can even show different banners to first-time visitors and returning visitors.

OptinMonster comes with hundreds of powerful targeting rules to help you maximize your banner conversions.

Smart website owners often use OptinMonster banners to:

If you have an online store, then OptinMonster also integrates with WooCommerce and many other popular eCommerce platforms.

You can set up TrustPulse within a few minutes, and then create notification bubbles that show recent purchases, form submissions, sign ups for a free trial, and more.

TrustPulse’s notifications aren’t banners in the traditional sense. However, TrustPulse has an Action Message campaign that lets you show text in a notification bubble.

TrustPulse’s Action Messages are perfect for letting visitors know about sales, promotions, updates, and much more.

Plus, they use the power of social proof so you can get maximum conversions.

The TrustPulse editor makes it easy to create an Action Message that acts exactly the same as a banner would.

Using this plugin, you can create and show unlimited banner ads on your WordPress website.

Large banners can be intrusive on devices with smaller screens, especially mobile devices. The good news is that with Advanced Ads, you can choose to show or hide your banners based on whether the visitor is using a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop computer.

Advanced Ads supports lots of different ad placements as well.

Upon activation, WPFront Notification Bar adds a new area to your WordPress dashboard under Settings » Notification Bar.

Here, you can build your banner by working through the different menus and checkboxes. You can then simply type your banner text into the standard WordPress text editor.

You can also encourage visitors to click on your banners by adding a button.

This button can redirect the visitor to any page, post, or third-party URL. It can also run JavaScript code.

For example, there are no professionally-designed templates and no drag-and-drop builder. However, you can change your banner’s color and height.

WPFront Notification Bar can show your banner at the top or bottom of the page. It can also hide the banner until the visitor scrolls.

If you like to schedule your banner campaigns in advance, then WPFront Notification Bar gives you the option to set a start and end date.

If you want to add multiple banners to your website, then you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version which costs $49.00 for a single website.

Many WordPress website owners want to show several different ads in the same area, similar to a banner slider plugin.

With AdSanity, you can group ads together by creating ad groups. Once you’ve created some ads and assigned them to ad groups, you can place these groups on your site in exactly the same way you place single ads.

Once you’ve done that, your ad groups will rotate through their different ads on every page refresh. In this way, AdSanity can also work similar to a banner slider plugin.

This makes it easy to run lots of different campaigns at the same time. You can even show multiple banners on the same page.

Product images are a big part of running a successful WooCommerce store. With that in mind, you can use this plugin to create image carousels showing lots of different products.

You can also set a start and end date for your banners, which is perfect for scheduling all of your different campaigns ahead of time.

Once you start adding banners to your website, you’ll want to track how many people are clicking on each banner and whether those banners are bringing you conversions.

After adding MonsterInsights to your website, you can see how many people are clicking on your banners, where they come from, and whether they convert. You can then make data-driven decisions to encourage more people to interact with your banners and boost your conversion rates.

Not to mention it also comes with powerful personalization and targeting features that are helpful for publishers, eCommerce site owners, and just about every small business website. 


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